Payment and Billing

At this time, we do offer free initial consultations. Please contact us to set an appointment. We do reserve the right to decline to meet with you if you need a consultation on an area of law that we are not qualified to advise you on, but we do have a list of local attorneys that we might be able to refer you to!

King Law Offices, LPA LLC does offer flat fee billing on some matters, and we do have some payment plans available, depending on the urgency of your matter, the complexity of your matter, and the total cost involved. We will inform you up front of the fee we will charge on the case, how our payment plans and retainers work, and will tell you at the initial consultation if your case does not qualify for flat fee billing.


We do, of course, take cash, checks, and money orders.

NOW WE ALSO TAKE PayPal, Discover, Visa, American Express and MasterCard! *

*If you can’t pay in person, contact us about sending you an invoice online!