DID YOU KNOW…Estate Planning

When folks hit their 20s, they are generally getting out of school, just getting established in careers. They might be single, dating, about to get married, etc.

When folks hit their 30s, they are generally settling down, getting married and having kids if they haven’t already, buying a house, thinking about savings, starting retirement plans.

When folks hit their 40s, they are generally starting to have more assets, but the kids are getting older, some are headed to college, growing up, and assets have grown.

When folks hit their 50s, they are generally becoming empty nesters, the kids no longer minors, but not ready to retire, getting closer to paying off the mortgage, having investments, and sometimes, having to take care of the older generation.

When folks hit their 60s, they are in the last stages of retirement planning. The house might be paid off, grandkids are starting to show up, and their working lives are coming to a close.

With all of these changes, it just makes sense to have someone review your estate planning every ten years or so. Whether you call our office, or another attorney, it’s worth taking a look to see if your documents are still in compliance with state law, and if they have kept up with the changes your life has brought.

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